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Cerebral Mindset Cerebral Mindset

Rated 5 / 5 stars

~ ! AmaZInG Shit Bro_~!

oMg Like AftEr LisTeninG To ThIS SonG i Totally JacKed OfF IntO A Cup

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xMiggyx responds:

lol ty, i guess?

(open field) (open field)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


omg like omg,this song just makes me so horny i want to cum all over my monitor .. this song is like so amazing tho i cant believe why people cant make music like this ya know.. its just so sweet everynight before i jack off i listen to this song and then watch a porno and jack off even more also i bring it to school and listen too it all day none stop even while im on the bus i jack off on the bus and like cum all over the buses window and people laugh at me and i asked them "wtf are you laughing at?" and then they just like kept laughing but then again i was oh well they can suck my cock im listening to this awsome song by dj-rodster that need a reward at the emmy awards and once again id like to say i cumed my pants just finishing this song like i wanna fuck my dog in the ass while listening to this song . Amazing!!~!@~
Sweet Tunes man~!